2016-17 Season Robot Reveal: “Maytag”

It is our pleasure to announce our official 2016-17 season robot reveal, “Maytag”.  After a tremendous team effort during the build season, we feel this name is only fitting for our “tubby” fuel hopper design.

After putting in over 200 hours in designing, fabricating, and testing Maytag; we are excited to see our robot in action at the competition and would love it if you could come and support us.

The competition this year is March 30 – April 01 and will take place at Hofstra University.  As we get closer to the competition we will send out an itinerary.  Please note that March 30th is a non-competition day. You will likely want to attend either Friday or Saturday as those are competition days.

Further details can be found on our website to support Team 5099.  We have pictures and videos from last year’s build season to help get you pumped-up for the competition.  It’s constantly being updated, so check back often!

Thank you for your ongoing support.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We hope to see you at the competition!


Yours Truly,

Michael Ervin & Daniel Mincieli
Student Co-Presidents – Team 5099

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  1. Lori McCue Reply

    I’m so excited to see “Maytag” and certainly hope to be able to make the competition. Great job!

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