Become a Sponsor

NPTROBOTICS (Team 5099) augments it’s operating expenses through sponsorship.  We often seek free sources for materials and supplies, but building robots takes a lot of time and money.  Every penny counts and that is why we are asking members of the community to chip in and support our team so we can compete.

NPTROBOTICS sponsorship opportunities:

  • Provide financial support
  • Supply parts, equipment and/or facilities
  • Offer scholarships
  • Involve employees as mentors and/or volunteers
  • Provide internships

NPTROBOTICS sponsorship benefits:

  • Strengthens company reputation in the community
  • Builds a technologically literate work force
  • Creates a pipeline for interns and future employees
  • Provides rich employee volunteer opportunities
  • Provides renewed inspiration to company engineers and employees
  • Provides employee team building and training opportunities and increases positive feelings for employers

Please visit our “Contact Us” page to speak with a club adviser about becoming a sponsor.